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New Era [2020] CD

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New Era [2020] CD

13th Anniversary Edition
(March 13, 2007 ~~ March 13, 2020)

The first 8DS album, originally released in 2007 and lost to the bowels of time...

7 songs that showcase the raw potential of 8DS, unpolished and unprofessional. This album has been unavailable for over 10 years. Friday March 13, 2020 just happens to be exactly 13 years since it was originally released (and sold out almost instantly). To celebrate, we are releasing it for everyone again.

ReMastered the best we could (given the only available source) now you can hear the early days of 8DS. Hurt and angry, violent and vengeful; born from a place of betrayal, 8DS displays the beginnings of what would become the sound he is known for. Get your copy today, before another set of unfortunate happenings and it's lost again.

**includes free poster**